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Q: Why are you closed during the day on Saturdays?

A: We have chosen to set aside Saturday as a day of rest and worship (Sabbath). We hope that you are able to visit us during our regular open hours. 

Q: Do I have to pay if I am not getting in the water?

A: All guests inside of the gated water park must pay admission. You are welcome to play arcade games or purchase other activities without a water park admission.

Q: Do you allow people to bring in food and drinks?

A: We do not allow food or drinks inside our facility. We have a playground picnic area (by the batting cages) that you can use outside of the facility.


We encourage new seasonal applicants to apply January – March. Apply now!

SERVER. The cafe serves a variety of hot foods, snacks, and drinks. The servers are responsible for the food preparation and must be familiar with food safety regulations. Additional responsibilities include cleaning booth tables and assisting Party Hosts.


CASHIER. The cashiers are responsible for ringing up sales at register locations. Other responsibilities include basic arcade maintenance (fixing token or ticket jams), monitoring activities, and taking reservations for parties and groups.


LIFEGUARD. Certified Lifeguards are responsible for tending the spray pool and water slides. Regulations require an attendant at the top and bottom of our water slides whenever they are in operation as well as certified lifeguards at the pool area.

GO-KART SUPERVISOR. The Go-Kart Supervisor is responsible for tending the go-karts as well as other activities. Other responsibilities include machine repairs, trash pick-up, and groundskeeping.

PARTY HOST. There is a designated party host for every party. Responsibilities include setting-up and cleaning up the party rooms, serving food, keeping the tab, and accommodating the party guests.